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Hey everyone. This is Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine. This is a once a year email to everyone that I have made contact with to let you know the plans of 2010. We here at JMPEnterprise are working hard in getting new ideas and new shows out to you. It’s also great new ways you can connect with the communities.

Over on – CES bound – Looking for Sponsors


The TechPodcast Crew will be heading out to the Consumer Electronics Show this year. We will be heading out January 4th and coming back on January 11th. It is expected to be a smaller crowd, therefore we should be able to get more interviews. The primary channel content will explode, and the same amount of Backchannel video, but this year with a twist – Some Backchannel that could possibly be an extension to the primary channel will get put to the side and mixed down later. When we put out the primary video, we will also put out the Backchannel video, too.

Last year we hit something like 13 million downloads. This year I hope to see 25 million at least.

This is a great opportunity for a sponsor – especially one that couldn’t make it to CES. If you would like to help us out, we have some great opportunities for you. Check it out at and send me an email at any time. Of course you can call the Hotline at 608-205-4378.

Over on

When I decided to switch the Week in Tech History to the Day in Tech History, I knew it was going to be a lot of work. However, I underestimated the amount of writing I had to do – Even more than doing the Week in Tech History. Still, I have been working like a dog to get the show out daily. I have even been working on making it MP2 compatible. This means that the show could be ported over to Public Radio. There is still a lot of work to do and the MP2 version is still in the works: I may even make a special version which is a 15 minute weekly show.

If DITH gets picked up by Public Radio, that will definitely be a change in the work load, but I will have a budget to hire someone to help me with it. For now, if anyone wants to help out, I will pay what I can. Just send me an email or call 608-205-4378.

Over on – Need Prizes

Back in August, we ran a contest called “Summer of Podcasts”. We gave away 21 prizes including an IOGEAR Wireless VGA system and an iPod Touch (Geek News Central). Podcasters added more prizes to really build a lot of options. We drew winners – which can be found on the YouTube channel. if you want to see the winners list.

Since then we have run a couple small contests, including 1 year Mozy Home Unlimited membership and currently running a contest for the Epson Artisan 810. We are planning a powerful 2010 for more contests, but definitely looking to talk with companies that would like to put prizes in the mix.

The idea is simple: Podcasters give codes that act as an entry to the contest. At the end of the month, we draw names for prize(s). The plan is to build up the site a little more, so we can have more than one contest. Will be looking for developers and other interested parties for this venture.

I will be putting a video on to promote this idea and look for investors to build this program. Once again, feel free to contact me if you would like to help out.

Over on – Ideas for Video, Cameras needed

TVazine is the video side to Geekazine, Dorkazine and PodcastMadness. Shows like “5 Tech Things you should know”, as well as video interviews, backchannel, screencasts and more, will be posted there. The site is hosted on, which does a great job in distributing the video. You can check it out on TVazine, or go to the corresponding site to watch the video.

Of course to make this happen, we need more video equipment. That will be a focus for next year. For now, I will be running the somewhat portable rig wherever I can go. I still have a bit of audio issues, but this week I will sit down with the video and hash out the problems. At any rate, I am going to continue with screen casts, video interviews and the 5 Tech Things.  There are more interviews from Blogworld which I will be publishing shortly, along with other video I have recorded recently out and about.

Over on – Looking for content providers

This site is my chance to show off the weird, wild stuff on the internet. However, the one thing that I always wanted to do with it is create original content. Therefore, you will be soon seeing an original show on Dorkazine. No more details than that right now.

I am looking for anyone that would like to make a few bucks a week by creating content for the site. If you see something or take a picture, you would upload, add a couple paragraphs and publish. That’s it! If you are interested, let me know.

Over on – Drop a business card

I don’t talk too much about this endeavor, but I am working with a friend to build a local digital signage business. Right now we have a small group of businesses running the system and ready to build it up more. We always look for new ways and new advertisers. Our motto is “Be Seen”. This basically puts advertising in people’s faces – within places where their attention can only be drawn to the ads. Therefore you will have a captivating audience every time.

Over on – The band that rocks

This is my band’s website. I play drums in this band and we play a lot of great shows. If you have ever visited the Wisconsin Dells, you should check out the band over at the Baja Cantina.

Our big event, though, was playing at the Full Compass Grand Opening. It was a blast and we really got to learn a bit about the company. Best part is our videos are available online to watch. Just check out:

Over on – Musicians helping musicians

Since I’m a musician, I host a website forum for musicians called WIBands. It’s been going since 2004 and discussions are still running. The goal is to revamp the site next year so we can really show off some local music. Not much more on this, but if you are interested in helping out, let me know.

Look for these websites in 2010: These are Domains I have purchased and plan to build. If you want to help out, let me know.


2010 will be a busy one. The more I do, the more opportunity you will have. Geekazine is proud to be a part of the Tech Podcasts Network. We are happy with our sponsors – Citrix and GotoAssist Express (, (Pod150 for 10% off Podname150 for $7.49 Domains) , (10% off with the code “Geek”) and the newest sponsor, (14 day trial at Of course, Fred of (25% off with the code Geek08) for being the first sponsor of Geekazine.

I would like to thank Todd and for being a friend and colleague. On the same token I would like to thank Andy McCaskey of for the same thing. I would like to thank Frank from for helping out with the website. Norbert Davis of helped out this year with added content. Paul RJ Muller of has helped out the show and promoted me tenfold.  Finally, I would like to thank my Brother Tom for helping out on some of the sites.

I am ready to take this into 2010 and give you more content than ever before. My business plan has been on track in the portal side. Now it’s time to build it on the business side and get people cool stuff to view, review and win.

Thanks for reading. BTW – The parent website is Feel free to email me here, or at or call me at 608-205-4378. I hope you have a prosperous 2010 and we’ll talk next year.

Jeffrey Powers

CEO – JMPEnterprise, Geekazine

Working hard

Well, in following Geekazine, you will know that I just came back from Vegas. Although I have had a great 2 years running websites, I have come to an impass. A contract that I set up back in April is not paying their bills. Therefore, I have to find alternate work to cover for this. I need to do this if I want to go to Vegas this January.

I am definitely going to be looking for any and all different types of jobs to keep me afloat. If you know of any, feel free to contact me and let me know.

I’m still here?

O.K. Since there is a big warning out here to update all WordPress sites to 2.8.4, I decided to put something here.

A lot has been happening. We just finished the Summer of Podcasts contest and are getting ready for Blogworld – NME. I have been working feverishly on some new ideas and apparently something came to my attention that I did not know I had. Can’t get into details on that, but I can tell you it’s something that is good and can bring me some cool results in the end if I play my cards right.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Gotta get back to updating sites. L8r.


I am working, working, working some more – then when I’m done, I work some more. With FAWM being this month, I have to add the 14 songs. I really enjoy doing the work, but it’s piling up: Big Time.

With Frank helping out on Geekazine, that makes things a little easier. I still am behind. There are a ton of videos that are going up on the site and I have new products come in to review daily.

Organization will be my next task. You should see my work room right now! It’s really a mess.

I also have been called for Jury Duty this month. I have to call in next Thursday to see if I am being used for court. If that happens and I’m in a high profile trial, that can really affect things.

OK, enough of this. Time to get back to work.

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