Shovel Your Mailbox

We got a lot of snow this last weekend and some more will be coming this week. Shoveling is a back-breaking job that comes with the snow, but we have to do it, right?

Well, when you do have to Shovel, don’t forget about those who bring you Holiday cards, checks, ebay items and such. If you have a curb-standing mailbox, take another 5 minutes to clear out the snow around the box.

If we get another 100+ inches of snow, the mailbox will be pretty set in and the postal worker will have to get out of their vehicles to put mail in your box. It might be a slight annoyance, but if he/she has to do that to 200-300 houses in a day, it will definitely slow down the mail delivery.

It only takes a couple more minutes to do and helps so many people out. So don’t forget to clear a path for your mail carrier.

Man it’s Warm

A lot of snow, below freezing temperatures can cause for questionable conditions. I started my car about 20 minutes ago and it almost didn’t want to do so. The battery is good and the fluids are acceptable, it was just cold.

My heater works pretty well, but even with about 10 minutes of warming up, it didn’t seem to want to heat up. It eventually did. By the way. Leather is COLD!

Anywho, everyone that is in this Arctic blast, be safe. This is usually where we get a story or two of finding someone who died after they collapsed in a snowbank. Let’s not see that happen.

First Blog

This is the first blog of the “Jeffrey Powers Bloggins”. I decided to put up this blog simply because there are things I’d like to talk about that don’t fall under the other sites. It’s more of a hodgepodge than anything.

It’s also a KISS site – Keep it Simple Stupid. Nothing exorbitant about this blog. Some posts might be 140 words. Some might be pages.

Hope you enjoy the Bloggins and feel free to comment. Just remember – I do have the spam filters on….

Blog of Jeffrey Powers